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The Young Detectives III – The Lost Detectives!

The Young Detectives III – The Lost Detectives!

Summertime fun in the sun began with the last bell of school day. It signified that it was time to throw away the school bags and forget about anything to do with school for three months at least. After I came back home, I rested for the whole day.

The next morning I woke up with total freshness. I couldn’t make up my mind on what to do first this summer… so me, Reza and Ahmad planned to visit Abid’s house, a new friend of ours. He shifted to our neighbourhood about a month ago; his mom and Reza’s mom knew each other and were kind of best mates. We got along and became friends easily; he admired us a lot as he knew about our past heroic incidents. As time passed by, our friendship grew better and closer. He was a friendly and good-hearted person. He was indeed one of the kindest people I have met.

That day, we went to his house. He welcomed and took us to the living room, turned on the T.V and brought us some drinks while we were watching. After sometime, he suddenly started to show some sad faces…

"What’s the matter?” I asked. "I and my family are going to visit our relatives in a village near the Woods next week and I don’t want to leave you guys” he replied. When we heard the word ‘Woods’, we all 3 started wondering. We asked him the location of the village and it matched exactly with the one we went last time.

"I wonder why you are all asking me the location. Are you going to come with me? That would be so nice” asked Abid. Hmm… excuse us for a minute” replied Reza. We three turned to ourselves and started murmuring about this matter, but all in our mind was - ‘The Map’

"I wish we had the map, and then I would definitely go with him” I said. "What map?” Reza asked. "The map Ahmad threw in the lake…”. I replied sarcastically. We silently noticed Ahmad with a naughty smile and a raised eyebrow. "And what makes you smile right now?” I murmured angrily. "Haha! I never threw the map in that lake!”  He answered grinning. "So you lied!” we cried. "I had to; I thought that was the only way which could keep us safe”. "So where is it now?”. "I hid it somewhere in the Woods…”. "Good, do you remember the place exactly?”. "Yes, I think so”

We three kept on discussing about this enthusiastically when Abid came in and said happily… "Well, hope you guys have made a decision, and what were you discussing about, seems something interesting?”

"We’re going to ask our parents. We will let you know tomorrow, don’t worry. And we were actually discussing about……” We told him everything from the beginning. He said, "Wow! That will be so fun!  I hope your parents will let you to come with me”

We enjoyed the rest of the day.  It was then time for us to go back home. The next day I woke up, soon got ready, had breakfast and then called Ahmad and Reza, asking them to come to Abid’s house. We reached there in no time.

"We can come with you!” we said, happily. We were all jumping out of excitement. The whole day, we did nothing but enjoyed ourselves playing and later slept nicely.

At last, the awaited day arrived. We all gathered at Abid’s house. We were all ready. We brought our bikes, bottles and a bag full of necessary stuffs. Two vans parked near us.

We put our stuffs and bikes in one van and went ourselves in the other. The vehicles took off and the journey began. It lasted for two hours and a half; we were so exited.

It was 12 o’clock noon when we reached the village. We drove to the house, it was very clean and one of the biggest houses in that village I think. We entered in and were welcomed by the people there. They led us to our rooms. We unpacked our stuffs and rested after the long journey. Later, we had our lunch and stayed at their house for the rest of the day.

The next day at 9 o’clock sharp, we asked if we could go for biking, and yes, we were permitted. We took our bags along with us but before we left the main gate, Abid shouted… "Oh no, hold on… I forgot my toothbrush! I’m always advised to keep it with me, just a minute please!”, running back to fetch it. We looked at each other being speechless…

Our actual intention was to find the map. As we went to the Woods, it became very difficult to ride our bikes. Ahmad was leading us to the map; he took us to a small lake in the Woods. He went through some trees, dug the ground and finally got the map!

Before we started to even think about anything regarding that, we decided to go back to the old cottage, thinking we might find something useful. We paddled our bikes there and locked them nearby. The cottage was empty. There was a bundle of useless papers. We were looking for something really useful. We astonishingly found an old compass! We were glad because without it, it would be impossible to know the directions. Suddenly, Reza shouted…

"Yes! I found a binocular. I’m sure it’s going to be handy!” We first thought he found the treasure… really got us shocked, "Alright then, let the adventure begin!” I said.

We followed the direction accordingly for 30 minutes until we became very tired. Every tree began to seem like umbrellas and the ground as bed. We took a tree’s shelter and soon fell asleep…

A creepy voice woke me up. It was a monkey’s voice I think. The sun was just above my head, meaning that it was 12 PM already. I looked around and saw Abid still sleeping but not Reza and Ahmad; they weren’t there! I quickly woke him up.

He jumped and asked, "Where are Ahmad and Reza?! I was surprised when he asked that without even noticing anything… "Well, that’s what I am trying to figure out myself” I added, "But how come you ask me that question?” "I had a nightmare… Reza and Ahmad were lost and they were attacked by… uhm… something I don’t really remember… and I also saw MYSELF, helping them” he explained.

His dream sounded strange and somehow I felt it had to do something later on. We started looking for them. We searched everywhere around us, and later, realized we were ourselves lost…

"What are we going to do now, Abdullah?” Abid asked, getting afraid. "We have tried to find them but failed to do so. And we can’t find our way back either, so the only thing we can still do is to follow the map which might lead us to some treasure!” I replied. "So you’re suggesting that we go treasure-hunting, leaving our friends behind and a hope to find a way back?”. "No, that’s not my point. I said we have no other option left. And who knows, maybe we will find them on our way?”

Thus, the real adventure began. I started to study the map. I had to hold it carefully as it was very old and could be torn very easily. We both headed towards south-west of the Woods. We walked for a mile or two.  It was around 6 PM as the sun was completely red. It was getting dark gradually, so we began to rest for that time being. Meanwhile, we heard some voices. We tried to follow and it was so shocking to find small huts where people lived.

They looked like Native Americans. We got afraid and began to shiver inside. We immediately planned to escape. At that very moment, a woman called us back, by some strange names, and her language was very strange too. She then took us to a crowd of people in those huts. Everyone was speaking normally, but in a very strange language, though similar to English, and behaved as if they knew us already for a long time, especially Abid. A person took both of us to a place where foods were served… probably a cafeteria.

When a person is… over-hungry, he is ready to eat whatsoever you serve him and that was the case with us. They served us their dishes and we had them till our stomachs couldn’t fill anymore. Suddenly, I felt a hard thing in my teeth; I asked that man what ingredients they used. I felt dizzy when I came to know that we were actually having fried sea-crabs with frog’s brain soup! Quite indigestive! My stomach began roaring and I felt like vomiting everything out. I saw Abid, he was eating nonstop...

We then slept in the guest hut; the whole night, something really put me into thinking for a long time, "Why did the people here behave as if they already knew Abid? I was very worried and confused. But as time went on, my eyes’ shutters closed and soon I fell asleep...

‘X’ mark is close to the river. I asked "Then why did the man say there wasn't anything like that nearby?" Abid explained "Hmm... there are two possible answers to that, either the man doesn't know or there is something he hid from us". "Let's follow the map and see what we come up to then" I suggested.

We searched the whole village but couldn’t find any sign of it; we had only ONE choice left… ‘Walk blindly towards the mark ‘X’. We began to walk to the west. The sun was so hot as if someone had replaced the ‘Sun-Bulb’ by a new one. We sat under a tree; a cold breeze was blowing which was very peaceful, so we planned to stay for some time. Suddenly, an arrow passed between us and pierced into the tree! Without a word, we both got hold of our bags and started to run. While running, we could hear some voices calling "Stop, Stop!”. We had to stop because saving our lives was far more important than finding treasures…

We started panting, looking where the voices came from. I could see some figures getting closer and closer. It was surprising to see Reza and Ahmad, but not as surprising as seeing the other person! Although he was clothed in a very strange way, carrying a bow and some arrows, he was just… a double of Abid!

"What! But...... how come……?” we both faced a jaw-dropping moment, completely speechless! "There’s no time to explain, we need to hurry. We have come to know about the treasure’s location, thanks to your brother” said Reza.

"Huh… my what? I never had nor have a brother. What do you mean he’s my brother?” Abid exclaimed. "10 years ago, I, you and our parents came to this place near the lake for a picnic; we both were 5 years old then. You were playing with dad and mom was sitting down somewhere. As for me, I was chasing a beautiful butterfly. I slowly realized I was lost… I couldn’t find any of you. The sunset began. I was weeping and searching for you people when I finally lost hope and fell on the ground, spreading my arms and legs. I was looking at the orange sky, thinking what I would be doing without you all. After a while, a Native American came to me. He took me to his home, gave me shelter and food for ten years! And here I am today, seeing my brother… ”, explained Abid’s brother.

"How come I don’t remember anything at all? Besides, what’s your name?” Abid asked. "The name’s Abdi. I couldn’t forget the most tragic moment of my life. And can’t believe our parents hid this from you!” Abdi replied. "Abdi? That explains why sometimes mom called me ‘Abdi’. I thought both the names are similar so she got confused but now, I think I was wrong. There actually is someone called Abdi, someone like you brother… ” Abid said, smiling. I looked at Abid and said, "And that explained your dream too!”

We all sighed out a deep breath. "Hey Reza and Ahmad, why did you leave us alone? Where have you guys been?” I remembered and asked. "We didn’t leave you, you left us!”  he answered, with a confused face. "When we all slept under the tree, I had to get up, realizing that I had forgotten my bag-pack in the cottage. When I saw Ahmad was awake too, I decided to take him with me. We thought we would make it before you guys would even wake up. Sadly, when we came back, you weren’t there… ”. "So all these confusions were nothing but just a misunderstanding. Okay, I get it now!” I said, being annoyed.

We all followed Abdi to the treasure spot. There we reached to a small area, quite far from the huts, but there was no sign of it, only some bones which seemed very old. For some reason, Abdi advised us to return, because he thought it was a dangerous and an unsafe place and it was a fact that no one ever came back once they stepped in there. We just ignored him and kept on searching...

"I bet we can never find this stupid treasure, even if.........” said Ahmad, and suddenly became quiet. I turned back, saying him not to worry, but he wasn’t there! "Hey, get me out of here!” he shouted, being in an upside-down position in a dark and deep place, some kind of a ditch. We couldn’t believe our eyes! It was a ditch full of GOLD, DIAMONDS and what not! It was like a dream-come-true!

"Are you seeing what I’m seeing?!” We never imagined this moment, and Ahmed kept on screaming for help. I noticed Abdi was getting very uncomfortable. We were ready to jump in and fill up our bags with all those valuable gold. All of a sudden Abdi pointed at something. We never saw anything stranger than that in our whole life... thousands of thin, sound-sensitive, brown, dead roots... coming towards us!

We pulled Ahmad out and left that area, with broken hearts. Those roots eventually covered that ditch and remained there. We didn’t stop until we came back to the huts safely. We couldn’t even touch the treasure! Thus the whole thing turned into like a nightmare-come-true… pretty unfair…

"What on earth were those?!” Reza asked. "They were the ‘Deadly Botanic Roots’, dead roots but sound-sensitive. They can’t bear much loudness, thus attack the source” replied Abid, "I read about them

"I think they liked Ahmed, thanks to him now” I said, with sarcasm. We all started laughing while on our way to the cottage. Ahmad kept silent. When we got there, we took back our bikes that we forgot. We were expecting Abdi to come with us, but he said this place had already become his home now, so he would have to stay. We understood his feelings. He urged us not to tell anything about him to his parents.  We promised him we won’t and also promised that we will visit him every summer. Before we left, we gave a warm farewell to Abdi, and I took a photo, my camera was always handy I believe...

We could almost figure out Abid’s relatives’ house. But seeing that made us nervous, how will his parents react? We four slowly walked and entered in. All the house members were sitting at the round table, with hands on their heads, probably waiting and expecting us to come back. Abid just made a knocking sound. Everyone turned at us and cheered up. We were sure the first thing they would ask would be "Where on earth were you four?!” but instead, they simply said, "Go have some rest boys”.  Quite astonishing, wasn’t it...?

We slept like dead, and had nightmares. The next morning, as soon as I woke up, I rushed to the dining table and saw others present already. We four were having our breakfasts. Ahmad and Reza seemed to be murmuring about something. They turned at me and Abid and said...

"Surprise! Here, these two are your shares” said Reza, throwing two gold coins at us. Abid shockingly said, "Cool! Where did you get them from?”. Ahmad explained, "When I fell in the ditch, I quickly grabbed some gold pieces and put them in my pocket. I couldn’t control myself, got only four pieces though...”. "Haha your quality of theft has finally benefitted us someway at least” we all laughed. "Well... who’s goin’ treasure hunting next summer with me?” I asked, smiling and winking…

They stared at me for a while... but then, Ahmed was the first one to put his hand willingly on my hand, followed by Reza, and thus Abid ended doing his part. Our adventure continues...

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