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A Day at the Market!
A Day at the Market! (By Abid)

On one of the sunny days during winter, just as when I was having a good sleep, I suddenly heard a voice shouting, "Wake up, wake up!” said Reza, my younger brother to me, "We have to be at the bus stop in about 15 minutes and you know what will happen if we are late again for the second time!” I rushed out of my bed, soon got ready. We hurried to get to the bus stop on time. We ran as fast as we could but sadly in front of our eyes, the bus turned in the corner and disappeared…

We sighed and looked at the empty street when suddenly Reza shouted pointing his finger, "The market!” Being disappointed I replied, "Oh please, it’s not the time to buy candy; we have to find a way to school."Don’t worry,” he said, "I have an idea. The bus makes several detours, so if we take the right roads, we can make a shortcut and catch the bus on time.” I agreed to his plan.

We headed towards the market but we had to slow down because of the crowd. The market was a very busy place as always and there was a lot of commotion. We were sure that we can’t make it through this huge crowd, but all we could do was to wait patiently.

All of a sudden, we heard a woman crying out, "Hey, my purse!” We stared at her totally confused. But later, we managed to notice that a young man, dressed and masked in black, was running with a purse in his hand. The public did not seem to bother about it. My brother looked at me for once and started to follow him. I understood what he meant and we ran in different directions. Soon enough, we surrounded him and at a safe spot, we jumped on him. "Gotcha!” my brother said, with a heroic smile.

The thief tried his best to escape, but we managed to overpower him. "How dare you steal someone else’s money? What if that’s the only money that woman has to run her family?” I asked. The thief became very quiet and said nothing. We were shocked. "What’s wrong with you?” asked Reza. The thief cried, "It’s my family… I’m a poor man with no job, no knowledge and no happiness. My family eats a day and stays hungry the next. Moreover, my child is ill and I can’t buy him medicines.” We heard his sad story and felt pity of him. "Does that mean you will destroy other’s life?” I asked. The thief shook his head while weeping. He finally realized his mistake and returned to the woman. Now, we did see the woman there, but along with police!

Before anything, we urged the woman to forgive him and forget and we also told her the story. The thief returned back her purse and the woman kindly thanked, "I’m very grateful to you all. Today, by returning me my money, you have saved my child’s life. I’m a widow working as a pharmacist. I thank you all very much.” The thief was not handed to the police. We then separated on our own ways with a happy smile.

All this made us forget completely about school. "Uh oh! We are in trouble now.” I frightened. My brother put his hand around my shoulder while walking and said, "We might have missed our school lessons, but we have learnt a great lesson today…”

Moral: We always think that ‘others’ are happier and wealthier than us, but we sometimes forget that we are ‘others’ for someone else…

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