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Dawud Wharnsby Ali

Dawud Wharnsby Ali

Born and raised in Canada, Dawud began writing poetry, composing music and performing on stage while in his mid-teens. Two decades later, his recording career has yielded a string of over fifteen albums including the internationally popular CD's "A Whisper of Peace", "The Poets and the Prophet" and "Out Seeing the Fields".

Dawud’s writings of English language "nasheed” (spiritual hymns drawn from Qur’anic ideology) were among the first of their kind written and distributed professionally around the world. His anthology, "For Whom The Troubadour Sings" includes the lyrics to all of his songs written between 1998 and 2008.

As a voice for the socially-conscious and spiritually-minded, Dawud’s work has inspired a generation of educators, artists, poets and musicians. Often traveling worldwide to share his poetry, songs and photography with audiences of all ages, Dawud also frequently accepts invitations to lecture at schools, conferences and universities.

Though he continues to write, record and occasionally perform live, in recent years Dawud has become more actively involved with educational initiatives promoting artistic expression as a means for achieving positive social change.

Dawud and his family reside seasonally between their homes in Pakistan, Canada and the United States.


 Here are some songs sang by him:

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