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The Young Detectives II: More than a Camp!

The Young Detectives II: More than a Camp! (By Abdullah, Reza, Ahmad and Abid)

A cold breeze touched my face which almost woke me up. The fog was disappearing as the sun was rising. The birds were singing with their melodious voice. The leaves were waving rhythmically with the breeze. It was a wonderful morning, but one thing that had saddened me... IT WAS A SCHOOL DAY! But at the same time I was happy as it was the last week of our academic year.

I had my breakfast and went to school. As I reached there, I saw Abdullah and others, they were happy and were laughing with joy. I asked him the reason for their enjoyment; he replied that our school would be attending a picnic tomorrow. But Ahmad seemed to be disagreeing with the idea as he was scared of ‘monkeys’. We comforted him by saying that the school would be camping in the safe area and not in wilderness. We all discussed about foods and other items for the picnic.

I heard some ringing sound next morning; I opened my eyes and shook my head. It was 7:00 AM and I was late for school. I again heard a ringing sound; it was a call from Abdullah and Ahmad. They were outraged as I didn’t answer their phone calls and I didn’t go to school. Without thinking anything I got ready and rushed towards out. There I found Abdullah and Ahmad waiting. I apologized them and signed my attendance to the picnic supervisor. Soon we all got into the bus; the bus travelled for couple of hours and was warm by the joy and shouting of the students.

We have passed the city and the bus was traveling very fast. Suddenly the bus stopped and we all fell on our knees. The driver then said that the gear was not working and the place was a remote area. Later he said that it would take several hours to mend it. The phones weren’t working as the network was not at the range. The teacher said not to worry and to place a camp there for the time being. The teacher advised everyone to stay close with the group.

As it was boring and too crowdy there, we three wanted to have some fun. We went far away for a little time. The place was new to us and it was fun exploring every bit of it. We heard some sounds, at once Ahmad cried "Monkeys?!” We two began to laugh and said to him, "Calm down, it’s just a wind blowing the dried leaves.” We were having a wonderful time by making fun of Ahmad. But suddenly Abdullah said, "Wait a minute! I think we’re late.” And Ahmad looked at his watch and agreed. So we rushed back running as fast as we could. At last we reached and were panting, we found no one there. We predicted that the bus got repaired and set off without noticing us.

As we were near to the road, Abdullah said "Why don’t we walk along the road till we find a hope for help?” I asked, "Which way? Right or Left?” He replied "Obviously, the way back!” And Ahmad was scared and worried at all times. We walked for a long distance about an hour and rested near woods. At last we could see something moving.... It was a brand new black car with shiny rims and it was without any number-plate. As we were excited we didn’t think much, so we waved our hands in order to attract the driver’s attention. It slowed down and we thought it was stopping for us but it passed by without any response. We lost our hopes and were furious at the driver. We began to walk along the road with our broken hopes. It was getting dark as if it was the beginning of darkness in our lives. Ahmad said, "I don’t want to die so early". I replied, "Don’t worry; as long as we are together we will be safe”.

Again we saw a car coming. We weren't that excited as we were before and were afraid of losing hope again. We waved our hands hoping to receive some help. As the driver noticed us, fortunately he stopped. He asked us "What are you kids doing here at this time? "Abdullah said, "We are lost and hoping that someone can take us back home". He asked us, "Where do you guys live?" I gave him our location. He replied "It is getting dark now, so I will take you guys to a nearby village where I live, and I will take you back next morning". We were scared and lost, so we agreed to his offer. We drove to his village passing the woods, his village was few kilometers away. We went with him and he took us to the village. It was lovely, quiet and small. We spent our night in his house.

At the next morning we were having our breakfast. While we were eating, we were also reading a newspaper, on the front page it said "Three kids are missing after a school camp .....” We were sure that the newspaper was talking about us. And below that, there was a picture of a car where it said "A car was stolen from......" we were surprised to know that all the description of the car was as same as the one which we saw yesterday passing past us while we were looking for help. We thought of hiding the newspaper so that the man won't recognize us as the lost children from a school picnic.

After hiding the newspaper we went to the man saying "Wow!! This village is lovely and we would like to have a walk around here.” He asked, "Are you sure? You are new here and you might get lost.” We said, "Sir it’s okay! We are grown up enough” The man smiled and sweetly said, "Okay but come back as soon as possible; we have a long way to drive tomorrow”. We agreed. He left and went somewhere. I brought the newspaper back and looked at the descriptions clearly, when Ahmad said "I don’t know what you guys are planning; But we have a chance to go back, now let’s go back with that man, it would be safe for us”. Abdullah said, "Hey stop being a 'Scary Cat’, just follow us". Abdullah suddenly came up with an idea and said "Wait a minute, why was the car going slowly and it didn’t even stop for us?” Ahmad said "No idea”. I said, "Maybe its petrol was finishing or something….?” Abdullah explained, "No, it didn’t seem like its petrol was about to finish, it seemed more like it was about to stop somewhere nearby like 50 meters away, hmm… maybe he stopped at the woods somewhere and he was there”, Ahmad said "Ohh, now I get it!” I said "So the woods are like a mile away and if we walk there and search properly, we might find the car and the thief. Who knows? We might be rewarded again” Ahmad suddenly said "I’m in!”.

So we walked to the woods, it took an hour to get there. We were surrounded by trees everywhere, we walked and walked till we could hear some noises … it sounded like cutting of trees! We followed the sound and it was getting louder and louder. At last we could see a small cottage and beside it was the car, we could see the back of a man who was cutting the trees. We couldn’t figure out his face, so we slowly tried to get close to the man’s front side by creeping along the bushes. And when we reached, it was shocking to find out that the man was ONE OF THE FOUR MEN WHO WERE CAUGHT LAST YEAR FOR KIDNAPPING! Our hearts began to beat very fast, our chests were vibrating as if we got an electric shock. The surprising ’Shock’ didn’t end here, a man came out of the cottage saying "Come on! It‘s about to get dark.. We need to get the woods now or else we will stay without light in the darkness” It was surprising for us to know that IT WAS THE EX-TEACTER, after that the other man said "Okay boss”.

As it was getting dark, we decided to leave. Abdullah said "So we came all this way for nothing? No, we are coming back tomorrow early morning before the man (helper) wakes up.” Ahmad was scared and kept quiet. We went back to the home, we were hungry and tired so we ate some food and then we threw ourselves to the bed.

I could hear a whisper saying "Reza, Reza .. Wake up…” , it was Abdullah struggling to wake me up. I woke up and slowly we got ready. Me, Abdullah and Ahmad sneaked out of the house; we walked again to the woods till we got to the cottage. We reached there and found out that the men weren’t there at the place. We had a great chance, and then we went inside the cottage and saw some guns, papers, etc... but the most interesting thing was that we found was an OLD MAP. We thought it could lead us to some kind of treasure or something. So I put it in my pocket, Ahmad said "Reza you better put it back or else it may cause some troubles.” "Relax Ahmad, nothing will happen” Abdullah replied.

We decided to tell the police about this after we go back. We stepped out of the cottage, we made sure that the car was still there, we were about to go back but then we heard some noises behind us; We looked back, it was the thief and the ex-teacher! They saw us; our hearts stopped beating, we were terrified and scared! They looked angrily at us! Without thinking we sprinted back through the woods and they were running after us. We ran for about half a mile when we noticed that they lost us. We were so glad and Ahmad said "I think they remember us.” "Yes they obviously do” Abdullah said. I added "They can’t forget the faces which put them in jail”. We all started laughing....

We rushed back to the man’s house, we went inside panting as we said "We are.. ready to go back home.” He asked us "Why are you guys panting? Were you running from someone? Where were you guys?”, "Ermmm.. We” Ahmad was about to tell, but Abdullah explained "No sir we weren’t running from someone, we were playing and having fun sir...” "Okay, so you guys are ready, let’s go” he said. We went inside the room and packed our stuffs and then went out of the house to his car.

He started the engine, and drove out of the village. We were at the high-way surrounded by trees..... All of a sudden, a car bumped into our car. They were the thief and ex-teacher……….

"Reza.. Reza , wake up..” it was Abdullah again trying to wake me up. I was tied with chains, I asked Abdullah "What the hell happened??” he answered "I don’t know I just woke up here” I asked again "So where is Ahmad?” "I don’t know, that is what I am trying to figure out”. We were at a small place, it was old and quite dark. A door was opened, there was the man and the ex-teacher and his man saying "You both were trying to fail our plan like before, I don’t think that will happen, now hand over the map!” I was scared, so I put my hand in my pocket and found out that the map wasn’t there. I asked Abdullah "Do you have it?” he replied "No I never touched it..”.

The men were furious and we were scared. We didn’t know what to do? We were out of plans and so were they. They were rubbing their heads, thinking and thinking. They totally didn’t know what to do. We were happy and had a little hope because Ahmad was out there somewhere.

We waited over there hoping Ahmad would come and save us all as Abdullah said "It would be a miracle if Ahmad saved us.” I replied "ha-ha yeah, I think so but don’t lose hope easily.” The men were talking and arguing, we could hear something like this "I helped you escape from the prison, because I thought you had a perfect plan, but I was wrong, you are of no use” The other man said, "Sorry sir but let’s concentrate in this situation”…..

Out of nowhere a squad of police officers rushed in the place, we were happy! And the thing that made us happier was Ahmad, being there with them safe, I said to Abdullah "You were right, Ahmad did it” Abdullah smiled at me.

The ex-teacher and the thief were caught, they were furious and we knew if they come out of jail again, then the first thing they will do is search and hunt us! We were untied and freed. We two were praising Ahmad.

One of the officers came to us and asked questions, we answered all truly. He looked like he was impressed and he smiled at us. The officer said "You three come with me, I will take you back” we waited and I asked Ahmad "Where is the man (who helped us)?” He replied, "Don’t worry about him, he is back to his consciousness”, then later we told the officer that we would go with him. We went with the police car, it was cool! In the way there, we were asking Ahmad what exactly happened, he answered "First when the car crashed, you two fainted. Me and the man were worried, I saw them coming towards us, I quickly explained the driver about them and told him to run with me……” Abdullah said "You left us alone, how could you??” Then he said "We had to, but before that I knew they were after the map so I took it from your pocket. We then ran to the woods, we hid behind a tree and we could watch you guys being kidnapped, they put you in their car, so we went back to our car and followed you guys, it led us to that old place” I asked "So what took you so long? We were there like for an hour?”, he continued "I knew if we went inside there alone, it would be totally for nothing and we would get caught too, so I told the man to go back to the village and call the police squad here and I will wait here watching you guys” Abdullah interrupted "So you were here the whole time?” Ahmad went on "Yes, I was … till the squad came and rescued you guys and caught them” I asked "But what about the map, where is it now?” Ahmad said, "Oo I almost forgot! I threw it in a lake or somewhere, I didn’t want any more trouble”. Me and Abdullah were shocked and shouted "ARE YOU NUTS?” And he was laughing...

At last we reached our city. Before we went to our home, the police took us to the police station, to the chief officer. We told the chief everything, and it was the same chief that gave us the medals last year. He was shocked as well as impressed again…
We wished to have gold medals again but all he gave us was some farewell words, pretty embarrassing...

I went back home, when I entered the house my mom hugged me. She was very happy to see me, I told her everything but she got angry for a few minutes and yelled at me! After all, she was still happy to see me again. The next morning I woke up and opened the door. I took the newspaper and sat down reading it. My mom came to me saying "Since when did you start reading newspapers???”…

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