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Colours Of Islam
Colours Of Islam

Allah made us all a different shade and colour
Nations and tribes recognize one another
'cause every single Muslim is your sister or brother
So many different colours of Islam


Fill the world with colour, paint it everywhere you go
Paint everything you see, and tell everyone you know
Qur'an will be your paint, and your brush will be Iman (Faith)
So fill the world with colour, every colour of Islam

Truth is clear and blue as the sky we walk under
Love is bright and loud as the lightening and thunder
Peace is pure and white as the moon so full of wonder
So many different colours of Islam


Smiles, warm and shining, like the sun upon our faces
Hope is rich and green as the trees of an oasis
The colours of Islam bloom in so many places
So many different colours of Islam

(Chorus) ( x3 )

Download- Colours Of Islam

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