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The Young Detectives! (By Abdullahi, Reza.....)

The Young Detectives!

(A story by Abdullahi, Reza & Ahmad)

Edited by: Abid Farhan

There, we were walking to school, for another boring day of studies. After four periods, finally it was recess, children gathered in the field, some playing, others talking and some eating. All of a sudden, an explosion of a thick smoke occurred. Nobody could see anything clearly and everyone was terrified, running around not knowing what to do. I and my two more friends hardly witnessed some figures with black clothing through the smoke. Later, everything went back to normal, but the staffs of the school found out that seven children were missing! It was announced that the school will remain closed till the case is solved…

The next day, we went to the school just to tell the principal what we saw in the scene of the crime that day. After listening to us, the principal got furious and told us to stay away from the case and leave it to the police and the investigators. He seemed to be very angry and tensed, that was the moment when we felt suspicious about him. Many days passed by and no news did we hear about the crime until the day we found about it in a news report, it said that a key chain was found near the track of a car behind the school. After a lot of research, the investigators proved that the key chain belonged to an ex-teacher of our school who was fired couple of months ago. He was called and was questioned, but he didn’t agree that he kidnapped the children; they enquired a lot but couldn’t get the address from the ex-teacher.

We were certain that the principal had to do something with the crime because of his strange attitude. We were wondering, and at dusk, just when the darkness spread all around, we sneaked into the school through the outside window. We searched for anything that could help us. While doing so, we found a file that stated the date of the day before the crime. We opened it and found some pictures and information about the seven missing children.  Immediately, we went out and rode our bikes, heading towards the principal’s house. We three hid there for about 20 minutes and then, we saw the principal coming out from his house. He drove his car and we started to follow him which led us to an old small warehouse near the countryside.

We slowly and quietly went inside and hid therein. We saw the principal including another four men. One of them was talking to him, and we heard the principal replying "I have done everything you asked for; now please leave me and my family alone”. Then the man said, "No, there’s one more thing left for you to do, make the phone calls.” We were scratching our heads thinking what was actually going on... After a while, he started making the calls and he did so consecutively six times, in each he said the same thing "If you want your child back then put $100,000 in a briefcase and leave it next to the tower near Hamhill village. And remember, not to inform the location to anyone or else......”

We wanted to check if the children were in the warehouse, so again slowly and quietly we looked inside the warehouse and found a small room. As we opened, there we found the seven children tied up with steel chains and they were too tight & strong to be untied and it wasn’t at all possible for them to move. We were about to call the police but before that, we thought of taking some pictures of the children in case the police wouldn’t believe us and wouldn’t take it seriously. While leaving, at the very moment, the flash light of a cell phone was noticed by one of the man in the warehouse. We hid outside immediately but unfortunately one of us was caught, so without wasting any of our time, the two of us ran to the police and revealed the truth of the kidnappers and the principal. We showed them the pictures of the children and the location where the kidnappers were. Many policemen made their team and rushed inside. Slowly they went inside the warehouse and arrested the kidnappers along with the principal. Everyone was safe.

After two days, the case was solved and the principal said about all the conditions he had been suffering when his family was in the kidnappers’ hands. He said that he did everything to save his family. The principal and the ex-teacher were set free but the four men were sentenced for 7 years in prison.

Thus, we were awarded by the chief of crime investigation with gold medals and were titled as "The Young Detectives”.

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